Signs of a disorganized brain…and how Neuroptimal(R) neurofeedback can help!

Human beings are geared toward self healing and growth. Despite this our bodies and brains sometimes have difficulty achieving maximum potential. There can be many reasons for this. In short, disorganized brains are inefficient at achieving wellbeing. Some of the typical signs of a disorganized brain are as follows:

  • feeling stressed or overwhelmed
  • irritability
  • feeling anxious
  • headaches
  • overactivity
  • difficulty paying attention and focusing
  • feeling low/sad
  • difficulty sleeping
  • poor task performance
  • memory issues
  • addictive behavior
  • low immune system
  • feeling “off
  • moodiness

In comparison, a healthy system is a well-regulated system. It is resilient and flexible and better able to adapt to changes in the environment. Signs of an organized brain are as follows:

  • well rested
  • better focus
  • calm
  • overall health is better
  • effective attention and focus
  • more easily handles stress
  • less reactive
  • motivated and proactive
  • better memory
  • flexible
  • resilient
  • optimistic

Neuroptimal(R)  brain training is a dynamical Neurofeedback system that dances with your own central nervous system. Brain training with Neuroptimal can help to support you to achieve better balance in your life. Contact us today at for more information about how this advanced technology can improve your wellbeing!

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